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Leland Report for Thursday, March 29, 2012
One Year Ago... 3,652 Days Later

Vol Xl #366
Report # 4001  Photo # NS 9037  Registered Users.... 6639
6:00 a.m. ~ 34° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: North at 7 mph ~ Humidity ~ 73% 
Sunrise is at 7:28 a.m. ~ Ave. Low is
27° ~ Record Low is 0° (TVC-1970)
4:00 p.m. ~ 43
° ~ Partly Cloudy ~ Wind: N NE at 10 gusting to 23 mph ~ Humidity ~ 60%
Sunset is at 8:08 p.m. ~
Ave. High is 46° ~ Record High 72° (TVC–1996)

Snow Report: 86 inches so far this season  


Forecast for 3/30/2012 ~ Rain/Snowy - High 39° – Low 30°


It’s the last day of our eleventh year and I’m aware that my efforts are somewhat less than with the energy I applied in the beginning.  But then I realize I’m also eleven years older.  Several factors inter into the current daily regimen of doing the Report.  #1 probably is $4.19 a gallon, #2. My limited ability to climb the highest hill.  Probably #3. Is that Biscuit and I having a daily routine beach walk and its photo op.   The end result, pictures, is closer to the original task… to portray what the weather is on each particular day.

And what kind of a day did we have?  Started out cloudy and cool and is currently partly cloudy and not as cool.  Rain and snow forecasted for tomorrow.

And where is "the Mar"?, Park City, Utah skiing with my grandson Chris.   

Community Thoughts
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From Jeff in Paw Paw on 3/29/2012 
Congratulations! You won't get an argument from me on beach pictures. I love em. It's like I get to take my morning beach stroll all year long. Great job!
From Wally....Northport on 3/29/2012 
11 years already?? It seems like only yesterday that this journey began. It's almost like seeing you everyday, Keith, and waving hello. Initially, the waves were energenic, two handers. Now, it's a nod of the head and a half-wave with one hand, but a wave none the less. Congratulations on a job well done and I'm looking forward to year twelve. Rock On, sir, Rock On.
From sunshine on 3/29/2012 
My day isn't complete without checking your report and photos. Eleven years, and hopefully eleven more!!!
From Bill Hahn Down South near Chelsea on 3/29/2012 
Susan Ager, come back for another look. All the best to all.
From FAST FREDDY on 3/29/2012 
11 years and still going great. You have allowed us to live with I think 3 dogs thru your great pic's. Those of us who are considered "perma-fudge" love your pic's and can't wait to get back to Leland. Gas is gonna cause a problem for sure. Might make the streets of Leland a little less congested???? I'm sure once the weather starts to get warmer u'll visit your other favorite spots for great pic's. If climbing is out, we can always remember the great pic's.
From Oldbiker on 3/29/2012 
As a relative newbie- only following for 4 years or so, may I say that quantity (of location shots) is not nearly as quality - an element on which you have ever flagged. Tha nk you for my daily smile. (and a scratch behind the ears to Biscuit)
From Oldbiker on 3/29/2012 
Ok, apologies for the typing errors which almost reverse my intended message!
From Miss D in Holland on 3/30/2012 
I begin every day with your post from the previous evening. You've become as much a part of my life as pouring my coffee and rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. As long as there is a picture of my favorite area, especially big blue, I'm off to a good start. Congrats on your 11 years and thanks for your work.
From Bob C. on 3/30/2012 
Ditto, Miss D
From WhataHoot on 3/30/2012 
Amen Miss D! Another Thank You! for letting us live vicariously, it keeps us going when we can't be in our favorite place on earth :-)
From SB from Hiram OH on 3/30/2012 
As I sit in a windowless office in Ohio, the Leland Report has always been my home page and each morning I am taken back to a place I love the most. Thank you for your years of getting up and getting out, I'm not sure I could have been so dedicated.
From MP in WB on 3/30/2012 
Good Morning Mr. B. Here's to the past 11 years and to 11 more filled with good health, much happiness, the love of your family and friends, walks on the beach with Biscuit and the wonderful pictures you post each day. Memories are the snapshots we store in our brains. Thank you for helping me to remember all the great times my family and I have had in Leland.
From Abby from Atlanta on 3/30/2012 
I second what MP says. Your pictures have kept me going many a day. Thanks.
From DickM/E.Leland on 3/30/2012 
Do we care if every photo for the next 11 yrs. starts in Fishtown? Stand in the same spot each morning & you'll see something different & wonderful for us who are far flung in geography but so tied together in our common love of Leland. Ditto every remark!
From rocklady alice on 3/30/2012 
Congratulations and wishing you many many more! My day would not be complete without the Leland Report and all the beautiful pictures. Your pictures inspire me daily.
From Nancy Kep on 3/30/2012 
I too wish you and your family at least 11 more years of health and happiness, and thank you for the pretty good portion of the past 11 years that I have had the privilege of enjoying your photos. It doesn't matter what you photograph--all are wonderful works of art. In fact, some of the best are of things we might fail to see if we were up there with you. Plus, Big Blue provides different views every moment, so there will never be a shortage of perfect subjects. thanks!
From LeelanauToddy on 3/31/2012 
Keith, thanks for bringing Leelanau to us every day, and being my home page for 11 years!
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