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Pilgrimage to the Ice Caves in Northern Wisconsin by Jim Burnham 
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Leland Report for Thursday, April 17, 2014
One Year Ago... Nice Beginning

Vol XlV #019                                                                                             

Report # 4648 ~ Photo: LR4-17-14 ~ Registered Users.... 6886

6:00 am. ~ 35° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: Southeast at 11 mph ~ Humidity: 55%

Sunrise is at 6:55 am ~ Ave. Low is 32°~ Record Low is 23° (2007)

3:30 pm. ~ 48° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind:  South at 9 mph ~ Humidity: 45%

Sunset is at 8:31 pm ~ Ave. High is 54° ~ Record High is 84° (2002)

Moonphase: Waning Gibbous ~ Pressure: 30.17 in ~ Dew Point: 29° ~ Visibility: 10 Miles


Snow Report: 262.5 inches so far this season (Enterprise 4-16)

Forecast for 4/18/14 – Partly Cloudy ~ High 37°~ Low 28°


Carlson's 2014 Grand Opening is tomorrow.  The picture on the left is only a month ago when the snow was almost up to the roof.  Biscuit and I will be there.  I read an over my head article on how the jet stream designed this past winter and why it might be the pattern for the next three years, scary stuff.  I'm not going to read anymore stuff about that.

Happy 94th to Dr. Bob Willard



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From Easydoesit on 4/17/2014 
Looks like Biscuit is also happy that Carlson's is open. I like it better without the snow.
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