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Leland Report for Tuesday, January 27, 2015
One Year Ago... Meggen;s Monday
One Year Ago... Meggen;s Monday

Vol XlV #302                                                                                                              

Report # 4927 ~ Photo: LR1-27-15 ~ Registered Users.... 6952

6:00 am. ~ 11°~Fair~ Wind: Calm~ Humidity: 81%

Sunrise is at 8:08 am ~ Ave. Low is 16°~ Record Low is -5° (1986)

4:30 pm. ~ 24° ~ Sunny ~ Wind: N NE at 7 mph~ Humidity: 51%

Sunset is at 5:44 pm ~ Ave High is 29° ~ Record High is 50° (2002)

Moonphase: First Quarter~ Pressure: 30.21in ~ Dew Point: 10° ~ Visibility: 10 Miles

Daylight: 9hrs 36mns

Forecast for 1/28/15 - Mostly Cloudy, High: 34° F- Low: 27° F

On the chilly side but never the less, a picture postcard day, oh, and no wind, which even makes it better.  Boston, MA is having the winter from hell today.  Last year I thought we were having the winter from hell at times, but as I look back all I realy can think of is the amount of snow that fell.  We didn't suffer from power outages and our Road Commission kept our one road in and out of Leland open.   I'll be 82 in March and winter isn't as easy as it was when I was 80, but I wouldn't trade this Land of Delight for anywhere else in the world..      

Community Thoughts
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From paulinjomo on 1/27/2015 
I've been a summer visitor for over 60 years and a Report follower for over 10. My first comment! Love the winter shots. We used to only imagine what the "Land of Delight" looked like in winter. Thanks for continuing to share with those of us who can't experience it first hand.
From Jim Burnham on 1/27/2015 
Calendars have been discounted to $7 + Shipping. See the link at the top of the page.
From Easydoesit on 1/27/2015 
I love mine because without it I wouldn't have known that today is "Thomas Crapper Day"....something that we can all relate to! P.S. Biscuit is the picture of contentment - but that doesn't entice me to go out and lay down in the snow!
From Judy in Grand Blanc on 1/27/2015 
Jim I placed an order for a calendar but Paypal was having trouble with your address or something. Would be happy to pay with my credit card but didn't want to mess it up further. Not sure if it will go through but I will wait til tomorrow and try again...
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