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Leland Report for Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Up In the Morning... Out On the Job... Work Like the Devil For My Pay"
One Year Ago... Waiting For Halloween

Vol XlV #210                                                                                                                

Report # 4838 ~ Photo: LR10-30-14 ~ Registered Users.... 6933

6:00 am. ~ 41° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: South at 2 mph ~ Humidity: 70%

Sunrise is at 8:19 am ~ Ave. Low is 36°~Record Low is 22° (2000)

4:00 pm. ~ 47° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind:  West at 3 mph ~ Humidity: 71%

Sunset is at 6:34 pm ~ Ave High is 52° ~ Record High is 65° (1982)

Moonphase: Waxing Crescent ~ Pressure: 30.05 in ~ Dew Point: 38° ~ Visibility: 10 Miles

Daylight: 10H 15M


Forecast for 10/31/14 – Rain/Snow/Wind ~ High 38° ~ Low 31°


Daylight Savings Time ends Nov 2nd, it should end for good.  DST has no value at all,  we should start a movement to end it.  I suppose that if you live on the East Coast, you wouldn't care, but we don't live on the East Coast.

A cool get-up with some drizzle at times, mostly just cool.  This weekend calls for the seasonal closing of everyone except Carlson's Fish.  Biscuit Reports become difficult with no bodies around. 




Community Thoughts
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From susan2728 on 10/30/2014 
aww, e love you. Biscuit! Also, I'll be looking once again for Anton Babka to show himelf tomorrow!!!!
From Bob C. on 10/30/2014 
As long as Biscuit is in the Biscuit Report, that works for me.
From Easydoesit on 10/30/2014 
If only Biscuit knew how many on-line fans he has! Received my calendars today and as usual the pictures are terrific but the one I like best is inside the back cover. I remember that picture but at the time I didn't notice the brace on Keith's ankle - I hope you healed as well as Biscuit, Keith.
From RDinNV on 10/30/2014 
Geographically, Michigan should be on Central time anyway.
From Spartan Scott on 10/30/2014 
While I understand it is annoying for residents of Michigan, especially northern Michigan, it definitely shouldn't end for good. I don't like getting up in the dark and not seeing the sun until 7:15 even living in PA. Like the other commenter said, you should be in the Central time zone. That's a much better solution to the problem.
From John Frank on 10/30/2014 
From an old Grandpa Jones song: "I've twisted my old clock around 'til it ain't worth a dime / I'm losing sleep, I'm counting sheep / I get up late, I miss my date / I couldn't get there in a Cadillac eight / on Daylight Saving Time!"
From Easydoesit on 10/30/2014 
I've never been able to figure out why we're in the Eastern Time Zone yet the talking heads in New Your always refer to Michigan as "mid-west". Someone doesn't know how to read a map!
From shill on 10/30/2014 
With everyone gone in Fishtown there's always the Merc and Post Office for Biscuit to get his extra daily hug and hopefully one will be from me! I always get your calendar and was thinking how fun it would be to have a "Biscuit" calendar too...
From CinderTC on 10/30/2014 
I'm also hoping for an Anton Babka sighting tomorrow...though I realize that makes me a sinner.
From Harold near Seattle on 10/30/2014 
Well shucks! I just realized that I've been spelling Biscuit wrong! It's BISCUIT,....not BISQUIT! Sheeesh!!!
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