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Leland Report for Friday, October 24, 2014

Vol XlV #205                                                                                                                

Report # 4833 ~ Photo: LR10-24-14 ~ Registered Users.... 6933

6:00 am. ~ 38° ~ Foggy ~ Wind: Calm ~ Humidity: 78%

Sunrise is at 8:11 am ~ Ave. Low is 38°~Record Low is 26° (1982)

4:00 pm. ~ 52° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind:  W SW at 6 mph ~ Humidity: 84%

Sunset is at 6:43 pm ~ Ave High is 55° ~ Record High is 73° (1979)

Moonphase: New ~ Pressure:29.97 in ~ Dew Point: 48° ~ Visibility: 10 Miles

Daylight: 10H 32M


Forecast for 10/25/14 – Partly Cloudy ~ High 56° ~ Low 45°


The "Leading Lady" has become the "Lonely Lady" in Leland Harbor.  A not so nice day here.

A nice thing that happened on a not so nice day was Leland Gal Maggie Revel Mielczarek is featured in a great article on the online magazine "Matchbook"




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From Island Tom on 10/24/2014 
I like the perspective in that top shot. And Biscuit loves family!
From The Kettles on 10/24/2014 
We agree with Island Tom! Great shot.
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