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Pilgrimage to the Ice Caves in Northern Wisconsin by Jim Burnham 
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Leland Report for Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"On a Day Like Today You Can Pass the Time Away Throwing Snowballs"

Vol XlV #017                                                                                             

Report # 4646 ~ Photo: LR4-15-14 ~ Registered Users.... 6886

6:00 am. ~ 20°~ Rain ~ Wind: N NW at 10 mph ~ Humidity: 83%

Sunrise is at 6:58 am ~ Ave. Low is 31°~ Record Low is 18° (1992)

3:30 pm. ~ 31° ~ Partly Cloudy ~ Wind:  West at 10 mph ~ Humidity: 46%

Sunset is at 8:28 pm ~ Ave. High is 53° ~ Record High is 74° (1998)

Moonphase: Full ~ Pressure:30.08 in ~ Dew Point: 12° ~ Visibility: 10 Miles


Snow Report: 260 inches so far this season

Forecast for 4/16/14 – PM Showers ~ High 42°~ Low 35°


Instead of a Blood Moon, we woke to an inch of snow.  I wouldn’t have seen it anyway.  It was a beautiful day with incredible clouds against a bluer than blue sky.  A busy day in the Big City by the Bay kept us away, but the drive across the county was a pleasure.



Community Thoughts
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From Shanebat on 4/15/2014 
The snow (even after 260 inches of it) still is pretty on a sunny day! The river looks to be running wild. Were the dam gates lowered?
From Easydoesit on 4/15/2014 
Okay - I found the Blue Bird on the graph but where did you hide Biscuit? I see Leif has his winter duds back on - I was afraid he was too early.
From Oldbiker on 4/15/2014 
Hey! Caught the great shot of the blood moon sent to Tom Skilling at WGN from Leland MI. Sender was a Burnam, but not Kieth. Is the family visiting for Easter?
From Judy in Grand Blanc on 4/15/2014 
Oh My Gosh Mr. B, what a great shot of Biscuit!! I love it!
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