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Leland Report for Friday, January 30, 2015
One Year Ago... So What Else Is New...

Vol XlV #305                                                                                                              

Report # 4930 ~ Photo: LR1-30-15 ~ Registered Users.... 6953

6:00 am. ~ 17°~ Cloudy~ Wind: North at 2 mph~ Humidity: 72%

Sunrise is at 8:05 am ~ Ave. Low is 16°~ Record Low is -10° (1994)

4:00 pm. ~ 19° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: S SE at 3 mph~ Humidity: 61%

Sunset is at 5:48 pm ~ Ave High is 29° ~ Record High is 45° (1988)

Moonphase: Waxing Gibbous~ Pressure: 30.43 ~ Dew Point: ~ Visibility: 8 Miles

Daylight: 9hrs 43mns

Forecast for 1/31/15 - Partly Cloudy, High: 28° F- Low: 7° F

It looks like Maple City is trying to catch up with Leif's snowfall in Suttons Bay.  We had a few flurries here in Leland, outside of that it was a normal winter day.

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From Harry P on 1/30/2015 
Good to see the horses are out around the corner. Meanwhile, Biscuit looks like he is contemplating the finer aspects of going 'berging.
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