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Leland Report for Thursday, May 21, 2015
One Year Ago... Can Summer Be Far Behind?
Vol XV #054
Report #5164 ~ Photo: LR5-21-15 ~ Registered Users... 6978
6:00 a.m. ~ 46
° ~ Sunny ~ Wind: W SW at 3 mph~ Humidity: 73%
Sunrise is at 6:08 am ~ Ave. Low is 42° ~ Record Low is 27° (2000)
4:00 pm ~ 57° ~ Mostly Cloudy ~ Wind: West at 11 mph ~ Humidity: 29%
Sunset is at 9:12 pm ~ Ave. High is 67° ~ Record High is 85° (1998)
Moonphase: Waxing Crescent~ Pressure: 29.91 in~ Dew Point: 34° ~ Visibility: 10 Miles
Daylight: 15Hrs 2 Mns

Forecast for 5/22/2015 - Sunny, High: 52° F - Low: 39° F

A beautiful North Beach morning.  On the cool side, but it's still May.

GOOD NEWS DEPT.:The Enterprise headlines that a new buyer for the courthouse property, " A group of Leland Community members represented by fulltime resident Ross Satterwhite has offered to purchase the county owned property for $800,000 and is promising to preserve the historic county jail on it's current site".  We owe Joel Peterson a vote of thanks for withdrawing his quest for a PUD approval. 

Community Thoughts
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From Island Tom on 5/21/2015 
Great News! Nice day!
From Jimmy from Speedway  on 5/21/2015 
Is that the same trash bag on north beach as was there on the 5/19 report?
From Content on 5/22/2015 
Hi Jimmy, Are you referring to the dark thingee in the sand? I think it's just wet driftwood. A big one :)
From Jim Burnham on 5/22/2015 
Right, it's a big log.
From Bill Hahn Down South near Chelsea on 5/21/2015 
Great photos, busy times and the Master looking as good as he seems to feel. One hopes so. The Preservancy might suggest to Fishtown that the tops of the piers be sawed off a foot of so and light weight sheet aluminum or copper nailing either down. How do I know? Twenty years of rotting wood at the top of my lengthy piers and twenty year so aluminum years after they'd been cut back. Its really quite surprising. All blessings to all.
From Windjammer on 5/22/2015 
And thanks to Ross and his partners for stepping up and helping save the character of Leland.
From Harry P on 5/22/2015 
Leland, like so many small towns in America, certainly has its heroes. It's fitting to celebrate those helping to preserve local history like the courthouse, along with those we remember over Memorial Day weekend each year. God bless all our heroes, those living and still giving... and more importantly, those that sacrificed their lives so that we may benefit from the freedom and victories won. Have a safe and memorable Memorial Day weekend, everyone!
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