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Leland Report for Thursday, March 26, 2015

Vol XlV #360                                                                                                      

Report # 4985 ~ Photo: LR3-26-15 ~ Registered Users.... 6963

6:00 am. ~ 34° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: N NW at 8 mph ~ Humidity: 66%

Sunrise is at 7:36 am ~ Ave. Low is 25°~ Record Low is (1983)

3:00 pm. ~ 29° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: N NW at 13 mph~ Humidity: 77%

Sunset is at 8:03 pm ~ Ave. High: 44° ~ Record High is 69° (1987)

Moonphase: Waxing Crescent ~ Pressure: 29.90 ~ Dew Point: 24° ~ Visibility: 8 Miles

Daylight: 12H 25mns 

Forecast for 3/27/2015 - Partly Cloudy,  High: 21° F- Low: 11° F

I received a rough sketch showing the density issue regarding the Jailhouse development.  I can't attest to it's accuracy, but it's close enough.

I've heard bits and pieces of what was discussed, but would like to hear more.

Community Thoughts
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From Island Tom on 3/26/2015 
Biscuit may be thinking, "What is this? Again?"
From Bob C. on 3/26/2015 
That sketch should have the caption "What doesn't belong?"
From Harbor Rat on 3/26/2015 
I like the idea. Affordable housing in Leland will almost certainly involve smaller living units and smaller lots. For those opposed, I would like to hear what sort of affordable housing options they are thinking of as an alternative.
From Patty on 3/26/2015 
I wish they'd do it on someone elses street. And not destroy the jail in the process.
From Anonymous on 3/26/2015 
I agree with harbor rat. I realize nobody wants a new development on their street or in their backyard, but this piece of real estate used to have the ugliest collection of structures in Leland, and it was controversial when the county offices moved. Now we have an opportunity to add affordable housing and build up the tax base. One thing about Leland, it has been changing for over 150 years. I have faith in our elected officials to manage change in a way that makes Leland better tomorrow than it was yesterday. And, I want my kids and yours to be able to live here and work in Leelanau.
From mississippi mudws on 3/26/2015 
To preserve the density, one might build five homes on the plot, and leave the jail alone.
From Patty on 3/26/2015 
Exactly! And if these houses are really going to sell for $450,000 to $500.000, they won't be the answer to affordable housing in Leland.
From Jules on 3/26/2015 
I can't see this as true "affordable housing". I do see a possibility that these properties will be purchased by people buying this as a second "summer" home or investment property to rent which defeats the purpose of "affordable housing". I would love to live in Leland, but even I won't be able to "afford" the "affordable housing".
From Boatwright on 3/26/2015 
Is this the actual proposed site plan? The seven little houses form a wall which blocks the view of the river from the houses behind. On the other hand, the seven garages of these little houses have a terrific view of the river. Why can't the cars be routed through that no-man's land in the middle of the development? Why should the neighbors to this thing have to put up with the noise and headlights of what are new streets abutting their sideyards? I sincerely hope this man gets some professional planning help. Affordability sounds like a smokescreen - I see seven expensive weekly seasonal rentals with their pool and clubhouse. This developer will never complete any units beyond those. I don't post much but I own in Leland and love the Report!
From Judy in Grand Blanc on 3/26/2015 
17 small houses in that block costing $450.00 and up doesn't seem like good planning to me, but I don't live in Leland and likely never will. I think maybe Biscuit is tired of the snow....
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