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Leland Report for Friday, August 22, 2014
One Year Ago... Fishtown Beauty

 Vol XlV #145                                                                                                                             

Report # 4774 ~ Photo: LR8-22-14 ~ Registered Users.... 6915

6:00 am. ~ 67° ~ Mostly Cloudy ~ Wind: Calm ~ Humidity: 92%

Sunrise is at 6:53 am ~ Ave. Low is 57°~Record Low is 40°(2000)

5:00 pm. ~ 74° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: N NE at 5 mph ~ Humidity: 67%

Sunset is at 8:38 pm ~ Ave. High is 78° ~ Record High is 92° (2003)

Moonphase: Waning Crescent ~ Pressure: 29.97 in ~ Dew Point: 68° ~ Visibility: 9 Miles

Daylight: 13H 45M


Big Blue’s Temperature at Van’s Beach: 64°


Forecast for 8/23/14 – Partly Cloudy ~ High 73° ~ Low 63°


Looks like the second day of the sidewalk sale was a great success.  Mother Nature started out mostly cloudy, but by noon it was hot and sunny with the temperature somewhere in the 80's. 

I read somewhere that you're not supposed to double space after a period.  What?.....  Who cares? 


Community Thoughts
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From RDinNV on 8/22/2014 
You ALWAYS double space after a period. Period.
From Wally....Northport on 8/22/2014 
I'm afraid the double space is on its way out. I was brought up with the double space but it seems the next generation is trying their hardest to eliminate it. I must admit I've let myself be influenced by this new trend and have started using a single space, although reluctantly.
From John Frank on 8/22/2014 
With the replacement of the typewriter in this digital age is seems that most style guides have migrated to single space after periods. I am more exorcised by the unfortunate American tradition of putting the period inside a quotation, "thusly." I much prefer the British tradition of putting the period outside the quotation, "thusly".
From The Mar on 8/22/2014 
The double space was a typesetting thing when typesetters still, well, set type. All of our scientific journals have moved to single space after a period because with digital fonts, you don't need to leave the space for typesetting anymore. Sorry, but I'm sure you can still double space if you really want to. Just be sure to use Oxford commas.
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